St. Macartin's Cathedral

Welcome to our website! Whether you are a regular member, occasional visitor or just simply curious, we hope you will find information here that will be interesting and relevant. Perhaps you are planning a trip to Northern Ireland. We would strongly advise making beautiful County Fermanagh part of your itinerary. During the summer our four-century-old church is open to visitors every day  and it would be even nicer if you could attend one of our services. We'd love to meet you!
The Dean Writes:

Dear Parishioners and Friends around the world,

For those of us who live on the northern half of the planet, July and August are months when many take a break from the
routine things in their lives. Even a short break of a day or two helps bring refreshment! Jesus and his disciples often took
time to withdraw from the crowds: ‘because so many people were coming and going that they did not even have a chance to eat, he said to them, "Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest." (Mark 6: 31,32).

Jesus saw how tired and stressed his disciples were and wanted to give them a break from their busy lives. He loved them and cared about their wellbeing. He longs to do the same with us, so we can restore the balance of work, rest and play in our lives. Going on holiday or taking time off gives us an opportunity of letting go the burdens of everyday life and renewing our rest in Him. This enables us to entrust Jesus with our issues and concerns, as we take time aside - declare a holy day or holiday!

Each Sunday can be ‘a holy day’ if we set aside some time to praise and worship God. Attending church should be refreshing, allowing a time of peace to escape the busy world around us. It was Jesus’ way of ‘recharging’ His spiritual, physical and emotional life. In doing so, He set an example for you and me to follow. We are a people too busy for our own good, too busy to stop and realise that in our frantic business we are actually accomplishing less and aging more!

We live in a day when everything is supposed to be done quickly and efficiently. We eat fast foods and drive in the fast lane. It seems like such an obvious thing and yet we (and I include myself) constantly underestimate our need for rest. We should take His example seriously! We need to start by setting aside a special time to relax physically and renew ourselves emotionally and spiritually. I want to encourage each reader to take some rest over the summer months. If you are fortunate enough to get away on holiday that is good, but if not, a few quiet days at home may be just as refreshing. God designed us to need rest at every level of life, from physical to emotional to spiritual. So I do hope that all readers in the Northern Hemisphere have a pleasant and refreshing summer whether at home or on holiday and may you experience the love of God and be able to share that love with those with whom you come into contact!

Yours very sincerely,

Kenneth R J Hall
Last updated 29th June 2019
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If you like Christian rock music, you may well enjoy listening to Spirit Radio, broadcasting from the Irish Republic. The station is rapidly expanding its network of FM transmitters to reach larger cities in the State but there is also Medium Wave coverage on 549 metres (545KHz), accessible in most of the Republic and in all of Northern Ireland. Its website is at  and you can listen on-line at (or click on the icon beside this text). And if Alexa lives with you, say, "Alexa! Play Spirit Radio Ireland!" Sometimes she lies and claims no knowledge of the station. Just persist!
Admittedly, its greatest music appeal would be to people in the age range 15-35, but there are also inspirational messages, information features and news bulletins with at times a distinctly Christian slant. It is entirely non-denominational.