St. Macartin's Cathedral

Last updated 25th September 2021
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For people of faith in these difficult times, listening to Christian music, or better still, watching it being performed on line, is very uplifting - a real spiritual experience. During the Coronavirus crisis, we introduced a page carrying links to music videos which we hope will be a blessing to all. You can access the page by clicking HERE
The Dean writes:

Dear Parishioners and friends around the world,

Over the summer we saw the UEFA Euro 2020 and the Tokyo Olympics, having been postponed from last
year due to the Coronavirus pandemic. This brings to mind a number of New Testament letters referring
to sport, including Hebrews: ‘Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith’ (Hebrews 12:1-2).

The Christian life is compared to a long-distance race, but despite the struggles and obstacles, there is a great crowd of witnesses cheering us on. We have a heavenly Father who loves us and a Saviour who has run the race before us. If we keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, He will enable us to finish the race.

During the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, the British athlete Derek Redmond was running in the semi-finals of the 400 metres. About 250 metres from the finish his hamstring tore. He fell to the ground in pain and stretcher bearers came over to him. However, Redmond was determined to finish the race and so he started hopping toward the finishing line. Suddenly Jim Redmond, Derek’s father, ran out of the stands towards him. “You don’t have to do this,” he told his son. “Yes, I do,” said Derek, to which his father said, “We’re going to finish this together.” They completed the lap with Derek leaning on his father’s shoulder. As they crossed the finish line, the spectators rose to give Derek a standing ovation. Although he did not win an Olympic medal, Derek Redmond finished the race with his father at his side.

In our race of life let us make sure we keep our eyes on the finishing line - it might be closer than we realise! Let us not forget the encouragement we have to finish the race, and let us keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, and the prize he has promised us of eternal life! Let us also not forget others who, like Derek, might be struggling along the race of life!

Many people and their lifestyles are continually changing and not all change is for the better of the Christian Church. There are many families living in the Enniskillen area who now have no church connections – children are not being baptised, they have civil marriages, and non-religious funerals. If God has become less relevant in peoples’ lives, where is the hope for the future? I am not just thinking of their future in this world but their future in the next world! This is a growing factor, and everyone needs to be on the alert not to fall victim to growing secularism!

We need to be faithful to God and show faithfulness in our everyday life and to be a regular attender (if able) at church. Stay connected, connect, or reconnect but do not disconnect! A Sunday or two missed at church, leads to three or four, which in turn leads to months, and finally to years missed. At that stage, reconnections are hard to make – then secularism wins!

With the ministry we offer in St Macartin’s Cathedral no one should feel judged by their circumstances or feel ‘left out in the cold’ – we are open and available to welcome everyone, regardless of situation or circumstance! You may know better than I of people who feel weary with life, troubled with one problem or another, have felt isolated or hurt by others, and need help in the race of life. These are those people you need to extend the hand of friendship to and assure them that they are valued and welcome in our Cathedral – ‘Saint Macartin’s – At the heart of the Community, Strengthening Commitment, Outreach, Worship and Christian Love’

As we begin the Autumn season, please make this widely known and invite others you know to join or rejoin our church.Yours very sincerely

Kenneth RJ Hall

                                                      On-line Streaming of Services on YouTube

We apologise to on-line viewers who had difficulties connecting to the service on 29th August. This was due to circumstances beyond our control, in that the server carrying this website, located in America, suddenly went down for half an hour. However, the service could still be watched by going directly to YouTube. For future reference, if the website is down, just go to and type "Enniskillen Cathedral" into the search box.
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Streaming of each Sunday morning service starts at 10.55am - if you see no pictures after that time, refresh/reload the YouTube page - look for a refresh button at the top looking something like one of these:
The Sunday service "Live" button will also open the recording for several days after the event, following which it will go into the archives.

It is possible to download the text of the morning service (browser permitting) by Saturday evening by clicking HERE
We are surprised and delighted to see the interest in our services on-line, not only in our own country but also in  foreign lands. There may be those who would like to make a donation towards the heavy costs entailed in maintaining the cathedral and to this end, we have set up an account with PayPal. Those who wish to contribute are invited to use the following button:

The Church of Ireland’s Daily Worship app brings content from the Book of Common Prayer and the Bible to your computer, smartphone or tablet, displaying readings and liturgies for each day of the year. Using it, you can grow in relationship with God through daily prayer and also by reading and meditating on Scripture. Click on the icon above to view on PC, or the app can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple Store.

The Church of Ireland Bishops’ Appeal has released €10,000 in emergency funding to support Covid relief efforts in India.  Individuals and parishes are invited to contribute to support these efforts.   Taxpayers in the U.K. can give more help by “Gift Aiding” donations. For full details go to:

Donations can be made online or by post using the reference ‘CIBA India Covid Relief’ and all details about how to contribute can be found at:

Diocesan Commissioning
Service at 8pm on Thursday 16th September in our cathedral. The recording can be viewed by clicking on this coat of arms.
This commissioning service was one of Holy Communion on the occasion of the admission and licensing, by the Bishop of Clogher, the Right Revd Dr. Ian Ellis, of  Mrs Joan Nelson as a Clogher Diocesan Reader and the commissioning of Mrs Patricia Hutchinson, Mrs Viola Bryson, Mrs Wendy Kerr and Mr Keith Browne as Clogher Diocesan Pastoral Assistants.
The wedding of Phyllis Hicks and Jim Wilson took place in the cathedral on Friday 24th September.

Attendance was limited to the wedding party and guests only, because of Covid-19 regulations, but the ceremony was streamed live on-line.

To view the recording, just click on the photo of the happy couple. It will be preserved indefinitely in the archives when this post has been removed.

                                    Organ Recital by Orly Watson

This recital is on Wednesday 29th September, at 7:30pm. It is a concert of favourite Organ Works to include ones by Bach, Langlais, Mendelssohn, Vierne, Widor, and others. There will be several congregational hymns and a retiring collection will be taken in aid of the Cathedral Roofing Fund (though admission is free).

Orly was our visiting organist on Sunday 19th September.