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Welcome to our website! Whether you are a regular member, occasional visitor or just simply curious, we hope you will find information here that will be interesting and relevant. Perhaps you are planning a trip to Northern Ireland. We would strongly advise making beautiful County Fermanagh part of your itinerary. During the summer our four-century-old church is open to visitors every day  and it would be even nicer if you could attend one of our services. We'd love to meet you!
The Dean Writes:

Dear Parishioners and Friends around the world,

November is well and truly a ‘month of remembrance’. You will see photographs in the December/January magazine
(viewable on-line) of The Captain Oates Memorial, the anniversary of the Enniskillen bomb and the Remembrance Day
Service. It is important that we remember that many still bear the scars of war today from those events and more
recent ones, like the armed conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, and our own ‘Troubles’ in Northern Ireland. Emotions run high, and for many a dark
cloud hangs over their lives. In the world we live in, there are so many pressures in life that many people feel depressed, lonely and see little or no hope for the future.

About 700 years before Jesus was born, the prophet Isaiah spoke of His coming. There was something in Isaiah’s words that spoke to his people. There was something in the message of this Child that was to be born, this Son that would be given, that gave Israel a reason to rejoice.

“For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given; And the government will be upon His shoulder. And His name will be called Wonderful Counsellor,Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” (Isaiah 9:6)

Many in Isaiah’s day were not godly people. In fact, the nation of Israel had messed up so badly, that God was bringing the nation of Assyria down upon them as punishment. They were walking in darkness - in the shadow of death - because they had abandoned God. And it was to these people who walked in darkness that God gave the guarantee of a great light, a child of hope and promise, and a future for their people, a Wonderful Counsellor, a Mighty God, an Everlasting Father, and a Prince of Peace. That promise still stands for all of us today, whether we are walking in light or darkness. If we are walking in light, following Him, then we will know His Peace and Presence with us, but if you are not and struggling through dark days or the ‘pits of life’ then that message is all the more important, because it was also written for you! The Child that was born at Bethlehem brings hope in an uncertain world to all who call upon Him, and acknowledge Him as their trusted Friend. There are many opportunities in the free world for you to attend church in this new year and truly worship our Heavenly Father. As you draw close to Him, may you experience that true Heavenly joy that He sent us though the Holy Child of Bethlehem.

Let His grace and forgiveness give you hope.

Wishing you all every blessing this Christmas and in the new year.

Yours very sincerely,

Kenneth R J Hall
Last updated 6th January 2018
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The Bible Comes to Life Exhibition
A major exhibition, fascinating in content and sponsored by The Church's Mission Among Jewish People (CMJ) entitled The Bible Comes to Life’ will be rolled out in St Macartin’s Cathedral Halls from Thursday 8th to Sunday 11th March this year. Please don't miss it! For information, click on the blue ball: